Greetings. My name is Sean Daniels and I am a sophomore. I am pursuing a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have chosen these majors because I find the subjects to be interesting. I have always been curious about the creation and distribution of energy. I also believe that knowledge about how computer hardware works is invaluable in developing systems to regulate both of those things.

I work a few different jobs. I own a photography company, and that is my primary income source. I also work with a catering company when I'm not booked. My dream job is designing and managing solar or wind farms. The idea of applying technical skills in a career in which I can be outside is exciting to me.

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Most interesting classes I have taken:

  1. E115
  2. ECE200
  3. ECE209
  4. PHY252

Club Website
Underwater Robotics http://www.ncsurobotics.com
Aerial Robotics Club https://aerialroboticsclub.com