Welcome To My Webpage!

Hello, my name is Sydney Floryanzia! I am a first year engineering student with a Chemical Intent here at NC State. I chose this major becasuse I am interested in drug delivery systems and developing technology to interact with the chemistry and biology of the human body. I am very excited to see where a degree in this field will take me!

My dream job is to work in research and development with a pharmaceutical company. I would love to not do the same thing everyday and have some days of in the lab research and some chill analysis of research days. My dream job would also have me working in a group or a lab team, all of us contributing ideas to project whatever that may be.

 A Picture of Sydney

Four of my most interesting classes are:

  1. Chemistry 101
  2. Calculus 241
  3. E115
  4. E101
  5. Chemistry 102 (Lab)

Two clubs I am involved with at NC State are:

Club Website
NSBE NSBE Website Link
AIChE AIChE Website Link