Hey, Y'all! Welcome back to Beyonce's Site! The Life and Times of Simone D. High

My name is Simone High. I am a first year student at North Carolina State University. I chose to major in biomedical engineering here because I aspire to be able to create prosthetics for a living or either to become an orthopedic surgeon. I hope to achieve either of these aspirations in order to quench my thirst for science and to be able to help people all at the same time.

Shopping, is my favorite, nonetheless most expensive hobby. If I ever have a bad day or even a great day, shopping never fails to put me on top of the world. I can shop for anything or anybody. A crucial reason why I love Christmas time is due to having an excuse to go shopping as much as possible to get family members gifts. Without this fabulous hobby, the world would be a drab place.

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If you were curious as to how I make the most marvelous sandwich of all and my favorite sandwich, follow this recipe:

  1. Get some fancy French bread
  2. Cook up some chopped chicken breast, onions, and peppers together in a saucepan
  3. Sprinkle some "Slap Ya Mama" Seasoning on the previous ingredients
  4. Melt some mozzarella cheese over the seasoned ingredients
  5. Put your cheesy, seasoned ingredients on the fancy French bread and you will have my favorite sandwich.
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 CH 101 PY 205
B+ B- C+