Summer 2011

My name is Sarah Lempert. I am a civil engineering major, and I am classified as a junior.
However, I am a transfer student and I am more like a sophomore in course work. I choose to study civil engineering because I have always had an interest in improving infrastructure. I also wanted more challenging course work then my previous building science major.

My favorite break in school is winter break. This is because you get a nice four to five weeks without class and you get to visit family.
I also like winter break because everyone is so jolly around the holidays.
Winter break is my favorite break because it is not so long that you get sick of being home, and not so short that you are not prepared to return to school when it is over. I also enjoy the cold weather, snow, and the presents.:)

Winter Photo

How to Make a Sandwich

  1. Take out and toast two slices of your favorite bread.
  2. While the bread is hot put a slice of your favorite cheese on top until it gets nice and melty.
  3. Add lettuce and tomato and what ever other veggies you would like.
  4. Add the desired amount and type of meat.
  5. Finally put your favorite dressing on the other slice of bread and finish the sandwich by placing it on top of the meat.
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Summer 2011 Classes

Class Expected Grade
Mat 341 A
Ma 242 A
E115 S