Back at it again, I know how crucial my sites are to the survival of this planet

My name is Sam. I am a freshman and intend to major in biomedical engineering. The reasons I chose to major in biomedical engineering are varied. One of those reasons is that I am very interested in the development of prosthesis, especially neurally-controlled prosthesis and brain-machine interfaces. I also believe that my majoring in biomedical engineering will help me defend the planet from the upcoming Armageddon brought about by the lizard people, but that is a topic for a different time. I also want to work for a rehabilitation engineering firm, and a biomedical engineering will help me accomplish that goal.

One of my favorite hobbies is informing the public of the upcoming Armageddon brought about by the lizard people. Not many people know about this, so I feel that it is my civic duty as an American, along with rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, riding wild buffalo, eating a minimum of 5 pounds of meat per day, and going fly-fishin' and huntin' in the Nehbrayska Wildurness, to help prepare our troops to fight off these space amphibians. People may think I'm crazy, but they won't after a 40-ft long bearded dragon lizard creature destroys your barn and sets loose your cattle with one strike from its monstrous tail. But then again, this is all just some spec'latun. It may or may not happen.

Fly with America The Only Rules You'll Ever Need

How to Make a Sandwich
  1. Sell everything you own and pack only the necessities in a wooden wagon and trek out to the Midwest
  2. Suffer hardships and learn the American lessons of perseverance and survival
  3. Settle on 1000 acres of virgin land in the Midwest
  4. Sow seeds born from from the most wild, untouched, golden grain of America
  5. Lose entire crop to early frost
  6. Return home dejected
  7. Take generic bread from grocery store along with cold cuts
  8. Slap together angrily
  9. Eat and wallow in your defeat at the heads of nature

Course Grade
CH101 A
MA242 A
HON202 A
E115 S
Fly Fishin'