Welcome to my webpage! My name is Sabrina Earp,and I am a dancer, artist and future engineer eager for intellectual challenge, study abroad, interdisciplinary research opportunities and internships.

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General Information

I am a first year engineering student at NC State University. I plan to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
(Expected graduation date December 2019)

Plans for my Major

I chose ECE because I enjoy studying electricity and magnetism and hope to use my degree to enter the field of imaging and design of energy efficiennt microchips.


Class Course Title Semester
ECE109 Intro to Computer Systems Spring 2017
PY205 Physics for Engineers and Scientists Spring 2017
ECE200 Intro to Signals, Circuits and Systems Fall 2017
MA242 Calculus 3 Spring 2017
ECE209 Computer Systems Programming Fall 2017