Welcome to my webpage!

Hi, my name is Sarah Crawford. I am currently a freshman in the Engineering First Year program with an intent to study Aerospace Engineering. I have always had a love of space and space exploration, and always gravitated toward math and science classes during my high school career. A few summers ago I did a program with NASA and that is what really helped me discover I had a passion for the field. I figured Aerospace Engineering would be a good fit for me at NC State.

I love making artwork. I make collages out of little tiny pieces cut from magazines. I also draw pictures and sketch. When I was younger, I was sure I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I later changed that career goal, but have been able to keep the arts as a hobby that I truly enjoy.

My resume

How to make a peanut butter sandwich:
  1. Get out bread, peanut butter, a plate, and a knife
  2. Put two pieces of bread on the plate
  3. Spread the peanut butter evenly on the bread
  4. Put the two pieces of bread together
  5. Cut in half and enjoy

Class Expected Grade
Calc 3 A-
MatLab B+
Honors Seminar A
My Tree