Welcome to My Homework 6

My name is Sally Crouch. I am a Freshman but a Sophomore by credits. I am currently in First Year Engineering. I want to CODA into Chemical Engineering. I want to be in the major because I want to work to make energy processes more sustainable in the long run.

Even though I'm an engineering student, my favorite hobby is painting. It is very relaxing. I could paint for hours and it's a good getaway from all the math and science I have to do. In high school I dabbled in using oil paints but more recently I've gone back to using acrylics. I wish I had more time to paint when I'm at school. I think next year I might take some art classes.

tumblr Resume
  1. obtain a baguette
  2. cut in half and lay one half on table
  3. put smoked turkey on bread
  4. put colby cheese, tomato, and lettuce on turkey
  5. put other half on the rest of the sandwich
Course Expected Grade
MA 341 A
EC 205 A
PY 208 B
CH 201 B
E 115 S
CH 202 A+
PY 209 A+
HESR 249 S
starry night