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Sirarie Tichee may be my handle, my stage name, but my real name is Sarah DeNoble. I am a fisheries and wildlife biology major who loves to be outside in forests and marshes. I am currently a sophomore at NC State. I am a huge nerd. I love the Inheritance Series, the many different Star Wars Series, and The Lord of the Rings Anthology as far as books. I'm even in the Lucas Arts and Disney accredited charity group -The Rebel Legion- where I dress as a Jedi with my 2 $250 a piece dueling lightsabers and do charity events and other functions. I am also a rabid gamer, with a Steam level of 24; having over 400 hours on Team Fortress 2, 650 hours on Garry's Mod, and 2000 hours on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with over 50 other titles i play regularly. I am a writer with 7 complete novels, and 13 others currently in the works. I also am a start up YouTuber, having a rather empty channel at the moment as i am learning the necessary skills to be more than mediocre.

I took CSC 200 to better understand computers. I use them constantly and get mad at them when they don't alow me to play Assassins Creed Unity, Garry's Mod, and Minecraft Simultaneously. I really want to make my own gaming stack as well as understand how computers operate in general as well as being able to understand basic trems. Learning to code in snap was very col for me and got me interested in coding beyond snap although as of yet i have not had the time to peruse it. Creating websites is also proving to interest me as it allows me to create a medium to which I can talk to my fans and fellow denizens of the Internet. I havent really learned something I didnt like yet: but i will say that I don't like lists in snap.


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The Confessions of a Secret Foodie

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Lima Beans
Greek Village Bread
Snow Crab
Parmesan Cheese