Welcome to my Career Page!

Photo of Me

Hi, my name is Sara Evans and I am currently a freshman planning to double major in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. After attending a STEM technology camp at IBM, I became very interested with the idea of chemical engineering. At the camp, I enjoyed learning how to chemically synthesze lip balm and lotion.

I would like to pursue a career in the cosmetic industry, where I would be responsible for developing health/beauty products such as: perfume, nail polish, and lotion. This is my dream job because I have envisioned myself doing this since the seventh grade. This is also something that I have a passion for and that I can see myself doing for a lifetime.

My Interesting Classes

  1. AFS 442
  2. SOC 202
  3. TOX 201
  4. PY 205/206

My Planned Clubs

Club Name Club Link
AIChe AIChe Website
Cru Cru Website