Sean Farley


My Plans

I am majoring in Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University. I intend to graduate in either May of 2020 or December of 2020, and plan to co-op and study abroad during my time at NCSU.

My Reasoning

I chose Environmental Engineering because I hope to help the world overcome the challenges that our society faces in the wake of the Industrial Revolution and our continued expansion on and use of our natural resources. I intend to get a job working on water resources and the maintenance of healthy environments near energy production sites. I hope to minimize the damage to the living things in the surrounding areas.

Special Skills

  1. Public speaking
  2. Leadership
  3. Creative problem solving
  4. A "Devil's Advocate" logical style
  5. Fast Learning

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
MA 242 Calculus III Fall 2016
E101 Introduction to Engineering Fall 2016
EC 205 Fundamentals of Economics Fall 2016
PY 205 Physics for Engineers and Scientist I Fall 2016
E115 Introduction to Computing Environments Fall 2016