Sally Gross's Resumé

Me, Sally Gross

My Major

I am currently in the college of textiles and my major is undecided. I intend to major in Textile Engineering with a concentration in product development. I'm a student at NCSU in the college of Textiles. I plan on graduating the spring of 2020.

Why I chose this major

I chose this major because I enjoy learning about textile materials and belive its a growing field due to the expansion of what is classified under textiles. I'm interested in medical technology and materials so with this degree I hope to work with developing new and improved medical textiles. This includes things like skin graphs to artificial arteries. I want to be able to help people by improving my knowlege. I would enjoy working with companies like ATEX Medical Textiles.

My Skills

Relivant Coursework
Class Course Title Semester
T101 Intro to the college of textiles Fall 2016
MA 141 Calulus 1 for engineers Spring 2017
PY 205 Physics for Enginers and Scientists I Fall 2017