Homework and Hobbies

My name is Sydney Elizabeth Hess. I am a Freshman this year at NC State! I am intending to major in Mechanical Engineering after I CODA. I became interested in this major after exploring different types of engineering on the NCSU website. I liked how versitile and broad Mechanical Engineering was. I like working with things hands on, so I thought this would be a good career path for me over some of the other types of Engineering, like Chemical.

My favorite hobby is crafting. If I have enough time for crafting projects, I get really into them. I like to do anything from scrapbooking, even though it sounds lame, to painting canvases for my room. The thing about crafting is that it can take a lot of space and time so I don't always get the most time to do it. I love seeing the end product of whatever I've made.

Youtube Resume

    How to Make a Pizza
  1. Turn on the oven
  2. Unwrap the frozen pizza
  3. Add extra cheese to pizza
  4. Put pizza in oven and wait
Class Grade
Chemistry A-
Calc 3 A
Economics A