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I am a current graduate student at North Carolina State University. In May 2011 I will graduate with a M.S. in Technical Communication. I currently teach one section of ENG 332: Communication for Business and Management. My goal is to enroll in a doctoral program by Fall 2011. Please feel free to use these links to learn more about me!

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-Sarah, semckone@ncsu.edu

Class resources

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If you are looking for one of my course websites, please use these links:

Current Course site: ENG 332: 003

Past Course sections:

ENG 332: 001 Fall 2011

ENG 332: 002 Fall 2011

portfolio link

December 10, 2010Posted by Sarah


My personal portfolio is the best place to find more information about me. Please feel free to visit today!

Personal Portfolio: www.sarahmckone.com