Hello and welcome. This is my final homework assignment for my E115 Introduction to Computing Environments Class

My name is Sarah Mills. I am a freshman student at NC State and I intend to major in Biomedical Engineering. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the thought of helping people, but also think that the careers of Biomedical Engineerings are wonderful. I chose Biomedical Engineering as my major because I want to help people, I enjoy math and science, although mostly science, and I want to help research new state of the art materials to help children and adults in need of replacement surgeries and so forth. I want to concentrate on biomaterials.

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My favorite break from school was Thanksgiving of 2012. My family and I flew to Texas to see my step father's extended family and stayed in the World Star Casino. I had a blast as it was my first time gambling. I also had a lot of fun meeting a part of my family that I didn't think I'd ever have the opportunity to meet. On Thanksgiving Day we all went to the Cowboys vs Redskins game in Dallas, Texas. Although our team did not win, I had a ton of fun and it was a fantastic experience just to be there. I spent the remainder of Thanksgiving break hanging out with my step family and experience the first week of my life without a Starbucks in sight. On the flight home, we were upgraded to first class, which was awesome and a great end to a fantastic trip.

My favorite food is french toast. Six years ago, before I became a vegetarian, that meal also involved linked sausage but was cut short upon my lifestyle change. My favorite animals are dogs. I have two and I don't know what I would do without them!

My two favorite websites are:

How to make the best sandwich ever:

1. Get out two slices of bread without getting crumbs everywhere.
2. Take out crunchy Peanut Butter and strawberry Jelly.
3. Begin smoothing each topping on a different piece of bread.
4. Place bread with jelly and peanut butter facing each other, on top of one another. bre />

5. Slice sandwich evenly down the middle.

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