About Sarah

My name is Sarah Morton, and I am a first year/freshman. My intended major is Computer Science, but I hope to double-major with Electrical Engineering and double minor with Math and Game Design. I am interested in those majors becasue I want to work with Virtual Reality, and they will provide me with extensive knowledge of both hardware and softare that I can use to help develop new VR technology. I chose Game Design as a minor because I love videogames and I think it will also help me with VR. I chose Math as a minro because I love math, and becasue I heard that engineers are only a few classes away from a math minor anyway, so its not much extra work. I find math and the way computers and technology works to be facsinating, and I will get to learn a lot of both with the majors and minors I have selected!

My dream job is to work with VR for national defense. I would like to help develop programs and technology for VR that would be used to train soldiers. At the recent engineering career fair, I was able to speak with representatives from the Navy, and they have internships that could lead to a job with VR training, as that is a rapidly growing use from the technology. I applied, and even if not this year, I could one day have my dream job if I work hard and get really lucky!

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Most Interesting Classes
  1. E115 (Intro to Computing Environments)
  2. MA141 (Calculus I)
  3. EC205 (Fundamentals of Economics)
  4. CH101 (Chemistry 101)
  5. E101 (Engineering 101)

~Clubs I'm Interested In~ +Website Link+
Anime Club Anime! ^-^
Tabletop Gaming Club D&D :D