Welcome to my webpage where I hope you get to know a little more about me!

Hello, My name is Sarah Sarp. I am a freshman at NC state and I am Majoring in Textile Engineering! I chose Textile engineering as my major because it has been something I have been very interested in since the first time I ever heard about it in 9th grade. I like the idea of being given a project and being able to make something out of different kinds of materials.

In highschool I worked as a referee for soccer. I got into it because my soccer coach approached us about the opportunity to referee at the local recreation department for their rec. games. I began refereeing and found it was an easy and fun way to make money on the weekends. When I decided I wanted to referee travel games and get certified, it was easy because I had been playing the sport my whole life. Refereeing was not my only job in highschool. I also was a babysitter for my neighbors two young boys. I would pick them up from school everyday, get them fed, and get their homework done before their parents got home from work.

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My most interesting classes at NC State

  1. E101
  2. t101
  3. MA241
  4. E115
Club Link
Rowing Club http://rowingclubncsu.com/
Tennis Club http://www.ncsuclubtennis.com/