A Lost Gem
By:Kerah Smith
It was like something out of a dream A beautiful dark dream that had unknowingly breached the threshhold of nightmare It was lost t her time, and the world above, yet its beauty was still a wonder to behold in her eyes, because they knew better than to think this place a dream they knew the easiet mechanism for coping was to see this place for what it truly was, the lost gem of the Rubi Al Khali Its beauty took hold of her and had her in awe. She walked out to where she had fallen to a set of steps desending upoun the city, its railings lined with men of great stature beckoning her to come forward. The color of its wallas were as gold as the sun, and in them she saw her reflection, but it was not of what was but instead of what could be she saw a warrior, a beautiful woman with gold breastplates , a gold skirt and gold boots fit for the finest, as her long hair flowed in the wind, catching the rays of the sun. It scared her, made her pull back a bit as she walked down yet another flight of steps to see the same image engraved on the side of every building, it was power in its rawest form, desire

Kerah Smith
The Lost Gem of the Rubi Al Khali
Collection of Short Stories.