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My name is Samuel Tracy, but most people know me as Sam. I am a freshman at NC State University, and I am currently a First Year Engineering major. I chose to major in Engineering because I've always enjoyed the sciences and math. I plan to CODA into Biomedical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering. If I can't CODA into one of the two, then I might consider Civil Engineering as well.

My favorite hobby is playing music. I brought my guitar with me to my dorm so that I could continue playing it while I'm in school. I play several other instruments, but my absolute favorite is bass. I am self taught on guitar, bass, and piano. I also learned how to play tuba in band throughout middle and high school.

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    How to make a Hawaiian Pizza
  1. Roll out the dough
  2. Spread the sauce on the dough
  3. Sprinkle shredded cheese over the sauce
  4. Place chunks of pineapple and ham on top
  5. Bake and eat
Classes Expected Grade
E115 S
ENG 101 A
HEST 261 S