E115 Independant Assignment

A picture of me

My name is Skylar Fernandez, and I am a freshman with a computer science intent. I chose this major because I have interest in coding and the applications of coding. I also chose computer science because it has a decent starting salary and there is an ever growing need for people with skills in computer science. I hope to learn many different ways to use coding to satisfy my own curiosity and the demands of the modern world

I am not currently employed and do not have much prior work experiance. I suppose my dream job would be an area where I am on the frontier of a new application of technology. I think I would enjoy the challenge of doing something that has never been done before and where you can't just find an answer online.

Favorite Classes

  1. CSC 116
  2. MA 242
  3. Chem 101
  4. EC 205

Club Name Website
Racquetball Link
League of Legends Link