Welcome to E115 Homework 6

My name is Sanders Barnes and I am a freshman engineering student at North Carolina State University. I plan to major in Chemical Engineering with a possible dual major in Paper Science Engineering. I chose Chemical Engineering because I enjoy working with chemical compounds as well as utilizing mathematics in order to solve problems associated with the field. I may do a dual major where I also plan to study Paper Science Engineering, which is a pretty common dual major. I currently also have an interest in gaining an understanding of the process that trees undergo in order to be made into paper.

I would say that my favorite hobby would be playing video games. The problem-solving and pure entertainment that it provides just appeal to me. I enjoy being able to play games with my friends, in person, and over the internet. In my opinion video games offer a break from reality, that allows an individual the opportunity to relax. I do not play video games everyday, or as much as I used to, but I still find some time to incorporate it into my schedule.

My Favorite Website My Resume

How to Order My Favorite Pizza

  1. Get laptop and go to Pizza Hut's website
  2. Place and Order for a large Pizza
  3. Select Meat Lovers Pizza
  4. Select Traditional Marinara Sauce
  5. Select Cheese Stuffed Crust
  6. Submit Order
  7. Wait for Delivery
  8. Pay for Pizza
  9. Enjoy Pizza
Class Expected Grade
MA 242 A
E 144 A
CH 102 A