Action vs. Disney

My name is Samantha Grace Blue. I am class of 2018 and I am majoring in mechanical engineering with a focus in robotics. I chose this major because I have always liked to see how things worked. Also I like to out small things together to make one big project. Mechanical engineers are made to make life easier and sometimes more fun. I hope to bring happiness and joy through my engineering.

My favorite and most memorable vacation is this past December when my family and I went to Disney World. It is true when they say its the most magical place on earth. The part that was the greatest was that it was the end of December and it was hot in Florida. I was wearing shorts in December! Also this was the first time I had ever rode a plane.

In the debate of cats vs. dogs I would take the side of the canine family. I love cats in some ways, but my dog is always there for me. Dogs are prone to playing which entertains children and teens. Where cats are prone to sleeping and cuddling which entertains old people. I as a teen like dogs because they can entertain me and be a friend. As a only child I need this.

How to make my favorite Subway sandwich.

  1. Take the Italian Herb and Cheese Bread
  2. Then put turkey on it
  3. Then put salami on it
  4. Then add provolone cheese
  6. Then add lettuce and cucumbers
  7. And finally a little bit of salt and pepper
Class Name Class Grade
CH111 B-
GC120 A+
E115 Pass
Disney World is the Real World