Welcome to my Independant Assignment

My name is Sean Greene and I am a transfer student from Appalachian State University. I could be considered either a sophmore or a junior depending on how you look at it. If you base that on just credit hours or courses completed than I am a junior but if you look at classes completed in my major I am a sophmore. My major is Mechanical Engineering and the reason that I choose that major is because of my involvement with FIRST robotics both in high school as a competitor and at App as a referee at the competition.

My dream job would involve working in the robotics field because I find it an interesting area. I think that I would like to work in a smallish team of people rather than a larger company because I find that if you get to know most of the people on your team than you can communicate better and understand each other much easier. Another reason that I would like to work in a smaller group is because I like to be able to see how the entire object/robot is coming together and understand everything if you get larger group people tend to get pushed into specialized jobs that only interact with the people they need to. Something else that my dream job would have is the ability for me to leave work early one or two days a week so that I could be able to volunteer as a coach with a robotics team because helping get young people involved with and interested in STEM fields is important to me.

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Four Interesting Classes

  1. Introduction to MatLab Programming (Currently Taking)
  2. Introduction to Target Archery (Planned)
  3. Intro to Graphic Design with SolidWorks (Currently Taking)
  4. Engineering Entrepreneurs/Senior Design (Planned)

Club Name Link to Club Website
Underwater Robotics Club Underwater Robotics