Hello, Welcome folkeroos.

Hello there, my name is Sarah Turner and I am a freshman here at state. My major intended major is Biological and Agricultural Engineering. My major is engineering because I have always been more inclined to learn mathematics and sciences. The reason I chose Bio&Ag as my concentration is because I am interested in sustainable agricultural systems along with food production. I am also interested in mechanical engineering because it can be taken in the agricultural direction and is even more diverse when it comes to food production.

My favorite hobby is eating. I like eating a lot. I enjoy eating my favorite fruit, the avocado. I also love eating my second favorite fruit, the kiwi. If you are curious my third favorite fruit is the tomato. Some people do not consider eating a hobby, but I do it so well I count it as one.

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How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Slice open an avocado
  2. Put it on two mayonnaised slices of bread
  3. Add some fresh arugula
  4. Put some delicious tomatoes on top
  5. Close the bread and gobble gobble
Class Expected Grade
Physics C
Calculus III A+
English A-
E115 U
BAE 100 S
Organic Chemistry B