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My name is Sean Harris Betts. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am in the College of Engineering and I am planning on majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I have always enjoyed working with my hands to build things and solve problems so mechanical engineering seemed like a perfect fit. I am excited about being an engineer and all the cool opportunities that will provide me with.

My favorite hobby could include a wide range of things. I love doing anything outdoors. I suppose you could say the out of doors is my hobby. I love hiking and camping and backpacking. To me there is nothing greater than being outside. I love to bike as well. I grew up going on many trips with my family where we would camp, bike, and generally explore the woods.

mine, and everyone's favorite Check me out! Give me internships!
    Favorite Pizza
  1. Get on the internet and look up local Papa John's number
  2. Call Papa John's and order a large pepperoni with thin and crispy crust
  3. Make sure you say you want delivery because you're scared to leave your house
  4. Pay the delivery person, make sure to give a good tip!
  5. Go watch the rest of the original Star Wars Trilogy
Class Grade
E 115 s
MA 141 A
CH 101 B
favorite hobby