Welcome to my tiny piece of internet

My name is Sierra Dawson. I am currently a freshman at State. I'm deciding between three different engineering majors; chemical, biological, and civil. I loved chemistry in high school and I think doing anything with pharmaceuticals or cosmestics would be really cool. Also, I am really into architecture and physics so civil sounds super interesting as well.

My favorite hobby is listening to music, if that's a hobby. Some of my favorite genres include alternative, rock, and hip hop. It really depends on what kind of mood I'm in at the time. I have a record player and love getting vinyls of current artists because the sound is a lot different than any kind of current day speaker. Spotify is definitely a life saver though when I'm on the go.

Periodic Table Resume!
  1. Get your dough
  2. Throw some sauce on it
  3. Sprinkle that cheese
  4. Add a lil pepperoni
Class Grade
Calculus B
Chemistry B+
E 115 S
Record Player