Scott 'the awesome' Goldman's Homework My name is Scott Goldman. I am a freshman intending to study Aerospace engineering. I want to study this because my father worked on aircraft for the military and the idea of building and designing them always appealed to me. I did not, however, want to join the military and follow in his footsteps. Instead, I would much rather get a degree and have a civilian degree in a similar field. My favorite hobby is throwing in track and field. It is a rather uncommon hobby but I really enjoy it. I got extremely lucky because I am also pretty good at what I like to do. I am even on the NC State team. It can get frustrating because it is extremely complex and hard to put together completely. I still have alot of fun even though it infuriates me pretty often. Pandora Logo My Resume
  1. lay out dough
  2. put on sauce
  3. add cheese
  4. add pepperoni
  5. put in oven at 375 for 20 minutes
class grade
E115 S
E101 A
Calculus 1 B
English 101 B+
Chemistry 101 A-
Chem Lab A
USC 103 A+