Hi Everyone!

my name is Soung Joung Hong, i'm freshaman on computer engineering. I want to know how the computers are design because is amazing how little devices can do so many different tasks. How are they formed and how do they can do task. Programming is another thing that interest me a lot. Those are my reasons why I choose that major.

My favorite break is summer break. The fact that you finally finished your classes and can relax is an amazing sensation, not to worry about assignments or how bad you did on a exam. Everything is gone because you finished your classes and you know your grades, either good or bad is finally over. The weather is also a plus for summer break, there is something about the hot weather that tells me that is break time! Which I like. Another good thing is the time, summer break is the longest break, and you can say "I am on a break" without thinking how much time you have left.

March madness determines the national champion of college basketball.Is the excitement of the final few weeks of the college basketball tournament in the US. Is a very good things, a good source for distract yourself for class stress. Also it bonds all the students of the college which is a good way to meet new people and make friends. Also it introduce to different college which you can interact with them and not just people of your college. March madness is a positive thing and is quite nice to have that.

  1. Choose the bread you most likes
  2. Choose the ham and cheese you love
  3. Think of the sauces you want to put
  4. Go and get them!
  5. Choose the veggies you want to incorporate

  6. Concentrate

  7. Put all the ingredients together without skipping any ingredient

  8. EAT IT~!

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