Wassap Homies

Hey y'all! My name is Saba Hosseinzadeh and I am a freshman at NCSU (Duh). Currently, I am First Year Engineering with the intent of Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Biomolecular. I chose this specific engineering because I want to go to medical school in hopes of becoming a pediatric surgical oncologist. It's my dream to help kids and put a smile on their faces.

I actually suck at all sports. I guess I could be good, but I'm lazy and putting in effort is too much for me. On the other hand, I enjoy snowboarding because I am actually good at that and I enjoy the snow. I also love to swim, especially in the ocean. I love listening to music and just socializing with my friends.

My Resume

How to Make a Dank Nutella and Strawberry Sandwich

Course Expected Grade
E115 S
CHE 201 A
CHE 202 A+
PY 205 B
PY 206 A
ENG 219 A
WGS 210 A
ECD 220 A