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My name is Steven Penna, and I am a freshman (Class of 2021). I am currently an EFY student with intent to CODA into Computer Science. I chose to be a computer science major because I enjoy programming. Another deciding factor to my decision to pursue computer science is that I am not really sure what I want to do, and computer science has a wide array of options.

I am not currently employed nor have I been employed. The closest I've come to a job is an internship at my Church with the worship department. My dream job would either be either professional musician or a video game developer. I love music and would love to be a professional musician, as long as I made enough money to support myself and my future family. I would like to be a game developer because I enjoy playing video games whenever I have the time, and I think it would be an awesome experience to be a part of the development team for a game franchise that I love, or be a part of the next popular gaming franchise.

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  1. PY208, Physics for Engineers and Scientists II
  2. MUS210, History of Rock I: 1950's-1970's
  3. MA242, Calculus III
  4. E115, Introduction to Computing Environments

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