Hi, this is Sid's Webpage

My name is Sidney Hunter Rogers, but people typically call be Sid because there are a lot of girls named Sydney. I am a freshmen at NC State and am in the Engineering program with intent to major in Biomedical Engineering. I decided to major in biomedical engineering because I want do conduct undergraduate research on the improvent of artificial joints. I then want to pursue medical school with aspirations of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. I believe biomedical engineering can prepare me to think more critically which will in turn make me a better surgeon.

I love to surf. I started when I was 11 and try to go as much as possible. Each Christmas break, I travel to a tropical place to go surfing. My favorite place to travel has been Costa Rica. The scenery is beautiful and the diverse wildlife is consistently entertaining.

Drizzy Resume
  1. Round up ingredients
  2. Roll dough into circle
  3. Spread tomato sauce
  4. Add cheese
  5. Bake at a high temperature
  6. Take out of oven and eat up
Class Anticipated Grade
Eng 101 A
MA 141 A
Ch 101 A
surfs up