Hi my name is Shawn Shadrix.

Picture of myself
If you are interested in me or my projects/hobbies... Geeky link of the year - NASA and packet loss in space

Likes and Strengths

I like reading, statistics, and gaming. I have some experience as a Java, C, and Perl programmer, as well as system automation on Windows and Linux.
I also have experience with modding games including Minecraft, Terraria, and Torchlight II.
If you wish to contact me, please use my ncsu email using the name/address: shshadri

MC Server update notes:

12/24 - Removed cosmetic mod since it didnt work? Added some mods see: New mods(mediafire)
New: spawn, home, and warp commands![see /warp help], WAILA(What am I looking at)[toggle is numpad 1], exact world spawn, more NEI integration, and more!
12/25 - added Thaumcraft NEI plugin after fixing instability Thaum NEI
1/12 - Updated: Mek and Mek gens(delete old versions) Added: Twilight Forest and Thaumic Tinkerer Update Link
1/17 - Updated: Infused Creatures(delete old version) Infused Creatures 0 4.2
1/20 - Updated: Infused Creatures(delete old version) Infused Creatures 0.4.3b