My name is Sindy Huang. I am a freshman studying engineering. I am hoping to CODA into biomedical engineering next year. I am hoping to get into this major because my mom told me so. She read in the newspapers that biomedical engineers are in high demand at the moment and make a decent amount of money.

My hobbies are drawing and engaging in the otaku subculture. I've been interested in art every since elementery school when I stayed up during nap time to draw. My parents then signed me up for art classes where the teacher taught us from the "Draw 50" books, which wasn't very fun. Then, we moved, and I started to to read manga and teach myself how to draw in that style. After drawing for a bit, I realized just how subpar my art was, and tried to fucus on improving my skills, which is where I am today.

How to Make Pizza
  1. Buy the cheapest at your local supermarket. This usually has an "on sale" label on it.
  2. Bring your pizza home and unwrap it
  3. Cook accoring to the instructions specified on the box.
  4. When sufficiently cooked, remove your pizza from the oven and consume.
Caution: Product may be hot. Handle with care.
Classes Exprected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
MA241 C+
HI254 B