Homework 5a

My name is Siyu Huang. My unity id is shuang7. This is my first year in college. I am going to study Electrical enginnering in the future. I choose that major because I am into it. There will also be a bright future for electrical engineer, so I choose to be that.

The favourite break for me should be the fall break this year. During this break, I got enough rest so that I would not feel tired in the next few weeks. I also hung out with my friends to the nearest lake and have some BBQ. Also the weather among those days was incredibly great. I got a chance to get close to see an alpaca in the farm as well. It was really a sweet break for me.

koala Koala from google, get to goooooogle
how to order a pizza
  1. make the phone call to the pizza house
  2. make sure the toppings and the size
  3. leave your address
  4. wait in the house
  5. get the pizza and pay for it
Classes MA141 E115 Ch101 Eng101
expected grade A+ S A+ A
caonima alpaca