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My name is Salam Ibrahim and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am currently in First Year Engineer with an Industrial Engineering intention. I decided on Industrial Engineering because I am passionate about efficiency and making people's lives easier. Industrial engineers improve efficiency of various systems by improving factors such as productivity, safety, and money. I specifically want to focus on healthcare because I personally do not think logistics nor manufacturing are the right fit for me.

I started my first job as a volunteer. Every saturday morning for 3 hours, during the school year, I volunteered at my mosque to teach children how to read and write Arabic. After 3 years of doing this for free in high school, I became a paid teacher. I really enjoyed it, working with kids is always fun.

My Email

Four of the most interesting classes I am currently in or want to take during my time at NC State.

  1. PS 201
  2. PY 205
  3. MA 241
  4. HESF 279

Clubs I am in:

Club Name Website
Society of Women Engineers link
Muslim Student Association link