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My name is Susan Donaldson. I am a freshman, engineering major with a materials science intent. I come from an engineering family. Both of my brothers are engineers, and both of my parents have their BS in engineering. I grew up discussing math and physics around the dinner table, and I loved it! I knew I wanted to be an engineer when I grew up. I later decided I wanted to be a MSE after talking with one of my brother's MSE professors. I was enthralled, and I knew materials science was what I wanted to do with my life.

My favorite hobby is camping. I love being in the middle of the woods far from civilization. I love backpacking, and over the summer, I backpacked 60 miles on a Virginia portion of the Appalachian Trail with a couple of friends. It was so freeing to be out of the range of cell service and to live according to the sun instead of the clock. I also learned a new appreciation for water and nice, hot shower.

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  1. roll out pizza dough
  2. add pizza sauce
  3. add cheese
  4. add pepperoni
  5. add green pepper slices
  6. add sausage
  7. add mushrooms
  8. place pizza in oven
  9. let cook
  10. take out of the oven and let cool
  11. enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
E 101 A
MA 242 A+
Eng 101 A
backpacking on the AT