A Little about Me

Hello, My name is, as you may have guessed, Stephen Maimone. I am a freshman at the greatest college in the world, NC State. I am currently intending to study Mechanical Engineering at this fine college because I have a problem-solving mentality and I am am strongest in mathematics and science. The main reason I am studying to be an Engineer, however, is to make money. Now this may seem shallow to some, but I am a realist, who realizes that to do anything in life, whether helping people or not, you need money to do it. I have always enjoyed building things with my hands, which makes Engineering all the more attractive to me.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. I have played soccer competitively since 8th grade and I have loved every second of it. I am currently playing here at NC State on a competitive men's intramural team, and we are ranked number one with an undefeated season so far. I also enjoy playing soccer in a less competitive setting, such as a recreational game of pick-up, which I enjoy playing with just friends. Soccer has been my main passion and hobby ever since my best freind first convinced me to play back in 8th grade, and I don't see that ever really changing.

pandora Netflx!
  1. You will need Italian Bread, pastrami, swiss cheese, balsamic vinegar, and a panini press.
  2. First, slice the bread down the middle, placing the pastrami and cheese in three alternating layers, pastrami-cheese-pastrami, on the freshly sliced bread.
  3. Next, drizzle no more than a teaspoon of vinegar along the inside of the top slice of bread, and place the whole sandwhich on the panini press.
  4. Finally, remove the delicious panini from the press and enjoy it with a tall glass of lemonade, reminiscing on how lucky you are to have this sandwhich in your hands
Classes Expected Grade
Calculus III 97
English 208 98
Physics II 90