Steven James Gilmore, unity ID:sjgilmo2

My name is Steven James Gilmore. I am a freshman and I hope to major in Aerospace Engineering at State. Out of all the engineering majors, this is the one that appeals to me the most. I love that physics and calculus are applied to it in so many ways and I am excited for the interesting job opportunities that are in this field. I am also considering a minor in mathematics, physics, or music. Math and physics would have obvious benefits to my career path. They would increase my knowledge about engineering and make getting into graduate school easier. Music, although not directly related to engineering, is a field that I am also very interested in. If I ever decide to change career paths, this minor may provide some valuable knowledge.

My favorite break from school is probably spring break. Everyone is pretty tired of school by the time spring break hits so everyone is just trying to relax and have fun. I love spending time with my friends during spring break. Last year, all my friends got a house at South Myrtle Beach and hung out there together all break. It was tons of fun. I got to meet new people and became way closer with people I already knew. This year, I want to be with all my friends again, no matter where we go.


How to Make a Meatball Sandwich

  1. Put out 1 piece of bread
  2. Add marina sause and meatballs
  3. Add provolone cheese and more marina sause
  4. Add parmasean cheese to taste
  5. Put one more piece of bread on top, toast lightly

Fall Semester Grades - 2011

Course Anticipated Grade
Calculus 3 A
Chemistry 101 A
E101 - Intro to Engineering A+
ARE 201 - Economics B+
E115 S

Spring Break