Welcome to The Website

My name is Samuel Ko, I will be graduating in the Summer of 2018 with a bachelors in Computer Science. I chose to go into this field of study because I have always enjoyed computing. I took two computer programming classes in high school and ended up getting attached to it. For our final project we had to create a video game in C# and my partner and I created a replica of the Helicopter Game. It was challenging but always very satisfying once you are able to solve any obstacles you ran into. I chose to major in Computer Science because it is challenging yet very satisfying at the same time.

My favorite hobby is playing video games, it is always fun and can put me in a good mood. Usually I play with my friends because I find it more fun to play with others instead of by myself. I prefer to play online multiplayer games and am a big fan of competitive FPS games. Sometimes I prefer to play story based RPGs because they are more engaging than some online games. My favorite online multiplayer game is League of Legends, it is very competitive and never gets boring.

Webassign! My Favorite!
  1. Place a slice of bread on the table
  2. Using a knife, spread peanut butter on slice
  3. Using the same knife, spread jelly on that piece of bread
  4. Using another slice of bread, place on top of bread with peanut butter and jelly
  5. Enjoy Sandwich
    1. Classes Grades
      Intro to Engineering A+
      Fundamentals of Econonics B
      Chemistry B
      Calculus II B+
      Intro to Psychology C+