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My name is Sean McGovern. I am a freshman. I am in engineering-undeclared intent. I am interested in industrial engineering. This field interests me because it sounds like something that I would rather do than the other fields of engineering.

Summer break is my favorite break from school. This is because I am from New Jersey and during summer break I can actually enjoy going to the beach. I also like it because it is when I can return to my job at home, which is only during the summer. I don't like winter break because I feel that the weather limits what you can do. That is why summer break is my favorite.

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  1. buy dough, sauce, and cheese, and lots of meats
  2. put them together
  3. Get frustrated when you realize I don't know how to make pizza
  4. Order a pizza
Classes Expected Grades
MA 141 A
CH101 B
E115 Pass!