Hello, there! On this webpage, I'll tell a little about myself...

Hi! My name is Samuel J. Morrison. I'm a rising Freshman at NCSU, and I am studying to be a civil engineer! Structural, to be more precise.

Although i don't play sports, and I am not in any clubs yet, I like to be on social media, play video games, and ride my bike. I also enjoy contributing and learning from political discussion online.

My dream job would be a civil engineer in a small firm in my home town of Charlotte. A place where I can easily get to know my coworkers and feel like I'm contributing to my community.

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Here are the most interesting classes that I have, or want to take
  1. HESO 253: Orienteering, where you find your way around with only a map and compass
  2. MSE 200: Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials
  3. E 101: Introduction to Engineering and Problem Sovling
  4. EC 201: Principles of Microeconomics

Here are some of my friends and their intended major
Friend Their Major
Tye Industrial Engineering
Jacob Civil Engineering