Welcome to my webpage!!!!!!!!

My name is Sarah Jolleys. I am a Freshman majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I chose this major because I eventually wish to create a brain-computer interface. This would allow us humans to control the technology around us with our thoughts. I plan on completing this major and then going to Grad school for Neuroscience to further my studies.

My favorite hobby is watching Netflix and Hulu plus. I have caught up on so many shows because of Netflix. I can stay up to date on many of my shows while the current seasons are airing because of Hulu. They truly are the future of television and a life saver. Watching TV is fun, watching it whenever you want is great.


My resume

How to make a sandwich:

  1. Get Mother or girlfriend
  2. ask for sandwich
  3. wait a few minutes
  4. eat sandwich
Class Name Expected Grade
HI 332 A
CH 221 A
CH 222 A+
PY 208 B
PY 209 A+
MA 242 A
E 115 S

Netlix and Hulu