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My name is Sam Joseph Pero and I am from Colonia, New Jersey. I am a freshman at NCSU and I am currently a firsy year engineering major. I chose this at first because I liked math and science in high school but recently I am starting to think I do not like the science and other aspects. So I am considering applied mathematics and statistics as possible major switches. I think those would suit me well.

Currently my favorite hobby is playing basketball. I have always enjoyed playing but have never been really that into it. However, with the weather being nicer recently I have been playing more. I really like competition and being out of high school and not playing sports anymore it is hard to find competition. It is just fun and exciting to play basketball in my opinion. It is a good way to stay active and spend time with friends.

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How To Make My Mom's Homemade Pizza

  1. Let the dough sit in oil and garlic
  2. Roll out the dough
  3. Put tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on dough in that order
  4. Put pepperoni or other toppings on then put in over
  5. Once dough is crispy let it cool and then enjoy
Class Expected Grade
Sociology A-
Physics B-
E 115 Pass
Statistics B
Economics A