Stuart's Homepage

My name is Stuart Philpott and I am a Freshman in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in German Studies. I like engineering because it is a practical degree, the salaries are high and there are lots of jobs avaliable. I also like math and science, especially physics.

My favorite break from school was Easter break. I went to Red Springs, NC and worked on a farm for three days. I got to take care of chickens, bees and goats. I met a bunch of really nice people and learned a lot about sustainable agriculture.
A picture of me in a protective bee suit!

I like March Madness because people from all across the country watch the same games. I also like the opportunity for virtually unknown teams to do really well, like NC State did in 1983, or like Florida Gulf Coast did this year.

Favorite Websites

  • 99 Percent Invisible
  • Mr. Money Moustache
  • How to Make the Best Sandwich Ever

    Expected Second Semester Grades

    Class Grade
    E115 Pass
    Calculus 3 B+
    Physics 208 B