And so the confusion begins...

So I guess it would be helpful if you knew about me. My name is Samuel J. Porter and I am a freshman in the College of Engineering. My expected year of graduation is 2016. I am going to be a Chemical Engineer. They work with chemicals and learn how to scale up things! And maybe, I will get to blow things up!

Also, my favorite type of break has to be Christmas break. Not only do you get to have a large amount of time off, you also get to praise GOD for sending his one and only son into the world to eventually die on a cross and cleanse us of our sins. What could be more awesome than that?! Jesus is awesome!

I believe it's broken...
Follow their advice?

    How to make a sandwich

  1. Get initial ingredients-Your meats, cheeses, sauces,etc.
  2. Assemble you sandwich in whatever order you want-Omit mayonaise at this point
  3. Choose to heat you sandwich or not
  4. Now add mayonaise
  5. Enjoy!
  6. Class Grade
    MA 141 B-
    E 115 B+
    CH 101 B
    E 101 A+
    CH 102 A+
    EC 205 B+
    ES 200 Who knows?(You know what I mean)
    The Lord of all!