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About Shreye Saxena

Great ideas, and the experience to bring them to reality



Who is Shreye?

I am a rising senior in Electrical and Computer Engineering minoring in Business Administration. I was born in Pune, India but have called Cary, NC home for the last 8 years. My passion is taking big ideas and making them a reality.

The vibrant campus, the inspiring stories of our students, the unity and passion of our student body - I could talk for hours about how much I love NC State University. As Senior Class President, I want to give back to the community that has given me so much.

Senior year is the culmination of your college experience and should be filled with opportunities for personal development and memories to last a lifetime. By organizing defining experiences, emphasizing alumni connections, strengthing a sense of tradition, and making opportunities to build a legacy on campus, I hope to create a comprehensive and fulfilling senior experience for the Class of 2015.

Thank you for considering me as a candidate for your Senior Class President. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please reach out to me at or call me at 973-997-7788.

Experience and Qualifications

Student Leadership

President, Engineers' Council
Executive Board, Inter-Residence Council
NC State Quality Enhancement Plan
National Residence Hall Honorary
Chancellor's Aides
Engineering Ambassador
Caldwell Fellows
LeaderShape Graduate

Professional Development

Co-founder and COO, Pennies 4 Progress
NCSU Entrepreneurship Initiative
Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting
Hardware Engineer, Cisco Systems


NCSU Dance Marathon
Krispy Kreme Challenge
Shack-A-Thon at NC State
Tutor, Kids' Cafe of Raleigh
Volunteer, Raleigh Rescue Mission
College coordinator, HSNC Youth Groups

Around the World!

Study Abroad in Italy
Cultural Engagement in Croatia
Community Development in El Salvador

Part campus leader, part nonprofit founder, part researcher, and all-around campus dynamo.
College of Engineering Alumni Magazine

My Platform

Creating the most value for your senior year, your degree, and your future

Defining Experiences

Your senior year is a time to celebrate and create lasting memories. Working with Hillsborough Street, Downtown Raleigh, and local music venues, I will work to organize unique experiences that will define your senior year.

Alumni Connections

One of the most valuable resources that we have at NC State is our large alumni base. I want to work with the Alumni Association, the CDC, and college councils to create professional development opportunities for students.

Spirit and Traditions

We come from different backgrounds, but are united by our experiences at NC State. From finishing the Brick, to game-watching events, I want to make sure each senior has the opportunity to connect with their Wolfpack pride.

Leaving a Legacy

An important part about leaving a legacy is giving back to the University, but it shouldn't be a hassle to support our institution. I will create opportunities to make an impact on our campus and increase senior giving.

Ideas and Goals

We have to be the change we want to see

College Networking Events

Partnering with the Alumni Association and college councils, I will organize networking events to give seniors all the information you need to tackle the real world and jump-start their careers.

Alumni Mentors

Do you want to work for Google? Go to law school? Save the rainforest? There is an alumnus who has been there before, and seniors should be able to partner up and use them as a resource.

Game Watch Events

Discounts and specials at your favorite places on and around campus to watch the Wolfpack win. What better way to watch a game than with tons of other seniors?

Senior Trips

I will work with our Alumni Association to organize subsidized trips across the country to give seniors an opportunity to explore grad schools and career opportunities.

Concert Connection

The Triangle has one of the most vibrant music scenes in the country. I will work with music venues in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill to get seniors discounts to concerts.

Hillsborough Exclusives

Connecting with business partners on Hillsborough street, I will get seniors get exclusive deals to your favorite restaurants and services so you can make the most of your senior year.


This 48 hour event will knock out most of the must-do experiences in the Brick, making sure that every senior has a chance to earn their Tradition Medallion.

Journey to the Tourney/Bowl/CWS

Its always an accomplishment when the Wolfpack goes to the postseason. I will work to get seniors subsidized transportation and lodging so we can all go support our teams in person!

Week for the Class of 2015

One week with one goal: Build a legacy on our campus. From fundraising for our senior gifts to serving our community, this week will bring our class together and show our pride for NC State.

Endowment Education

An large part about being an alumni is understanding how important your support of the university is. I will work with the Alumni Association to help seniors learn more about how their gifts are used.

Thank you for considering me and remember to vote on April 1st.

More than great ideas - experience to bring them to reality



404 Lakeview Hall
1910 Entrepreneur Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606



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