Fiesta Por Favor, Welcome to My Page Amigo

Good afternoon, friends. My name is Steven Schiro and I am a freshman in PCOM. I am currently taking classes needed to transfer into Engineering. My goal is to get into the Computer Science major. I have decided this because I find programming interesting and I think that there are good jobs available.

My favorite hobby is playing tennis with my friends. It is a tough decision to pick between tennis and soccer, as I love them both, but I play tennis frequently so that is what I'm sticking with. Tennis can be good exercise as long as the opponent is similar skill level. My friends and I try to play as much as possible to keep stress levels from rising. As long as everyone is a good sport, tennis is a very fun passtime.

Rhetorical Analysis

How to Order Pizza

  1. Call Papa Johns
  2. Tell them you want an extra large pepperoni, pronto
  3. Pretend you are having a party and order garlic knots and a brownie
  4. Turn on loud music when the pizza arives so they think you are actually hosting a party
  5. Lock your door, sit down, and enjoy everything you got knowing you lied to make yourself feel better

Calculus II English Chemistry
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