Welcome to my page dedicated to myself and things about me

Hi, I am Stephen Strong and I am a student at NCSU. I am in my first year of college and wish to CODA into computer engineering. I chose this major after I met a number of people who work in the tech industry and decided that I would like to work on the things that they do. I also was interested in the classes that one would have to take to become a computer engineer so that was another part of making that decision. I am also considering electrical engineering and computer science as all three of these pertain to developing new technology and computers.

My dream job is to work for a company that develops new technology in relation to computers or software. A job like that appeals to me as it would allow me to work from home as well as having a very high paying job. I would like to know more about software so for now this seems like a good goal for me.

Stephen Strong

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