A Future Engineer At NC State

My name is Steven Tessier, I am currently a freshman at NC State University. I am a first year chemical engineering major, but may consider mechanical or aerospace. I chose chemical enginnering because I have always been very giften in math and science and had a special interest in chemistry. I am considering mechanical and aerospace as well because I think they would make a good fit for me as well.

A past job I had was working at a Harris Teeter near my home in Davidson. While working there I served mainly as a cashier and bagger, but would sometimes do miscellaneous tasks such as stocking shelves orbringing carts back to the store. It was a nice job to have in highschool beause the hours were flexible and the people their were very friendly. I gained valuable communication skills and experience about what a job is like from working their as well.

Steven Tessier

My 4 Favorite Classes

Club Name Link To The Club
Wolfpack Motorsports WolfpackMotorsports
Rifle Team Rifle Team