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A little about myself

My name is Steven Turnage and I am majoring in Agricultural and Environmental Technology here at North Carolina State University. I am interested in many things such as electronics, computer programming, 3D modeling, automation, and handyman skills. I have also worked in the BAE department under the supervision of Dr. Sanjay Shah where I assisted in various research projects.

Projects I have assisted in

  • Retrofitting a Naturally-ventilated Hog Finishing Barn with a Geothermal Zone-Cooling System
  • Using Sprinkler Systems to Cool Pasture Based Dairy Cattle
  • Development and Testing of an Ammonia - Oxygen Monitoring System for Poultry Houses
  • The Impact of Pad Cooling on Barn Environment, Finishing Pig Performance and Producer Profitability
  • Low-Cost Solar Air Heating
  • Windbreak Wall - Vegetative Filter Strip for Reducing Livestock Barn Emissions
  • My current skill set includes

    • Strong general knowledge in Engineering concepts and their real world application.
    • Able to disassemble and assemble various mechanical and electrical components as well as solder, strip, and splice.
    • General knowledge of control systems and micro controllers.
    • Ability to understand schematics and decipher how systems work.
    • Growing knowledge in 3d modeling and knowledge of mechanical components.